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Gobi Pulao : Cauliflower Pilaf |Cooking|

Gobi Pulao

Who does not like a quick and easy recipe but in the same time very tasty and delicious?  I do for sure. When I am in a rush I just rely on some easy and quick recipes that are filling and tasty at the same time. I have some one-pot recipes handy for those time when I do not want to do lots of dishes, am lazy yet crave for a good meal.

Cauliflower (ful gobi)

This Gobi Pulao is one such dish that gets done in no time yet tastes delicious with a simple side of raita and chutney or pickle. Fulgobi or cauliflower is essentially a winter vegetable back home though nowadays we get whole year round, thanks to the cold storage.… Read the rest

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