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Eggless Pav Bread : Indian Bread Rolls |Yeast Bread|

Pav Bread

I was craving for some pav bhaji for last couple of days. There is small Indian takeout stand in our neighborhood where they sell samosas, chaats, bhelpuri, paani poori and pav bhaji. I could not ask for more as living thousands of miles away from home I can relish these chatpata treats anytime of the day and week. I do indulge in these treats sometimes but I mostly I like to recreate in my kitchen and have it at the comfort of my home. That way I know what goes in my plate, and I find the homemade ones tastier and more satisfying.

Pav Bread

I went ahead and baked the pav bread at home along with the bhaji that goes with it.… Read the rest

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