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Aar Maacher Rosha: Fish in Spicy Tomato Gravy |Cooking|

Aar Macher Rosha spicy fish curry

Though being a Bengali at heart I am not fond of fish and also rice. People around me do not believe how I cannot appreciate Bengalis’ best food match; maach-bhat but I still do have some choices and eat fish. I am very selective while eating fish and the ones that are big in size and cut into steaks are preferred. So I love rohu, katla and aar and sometimes ilish but my favorite is shrimp or prawn. In other varieties either I get some fishy smell in them or too many tiny bones for me to pick.

Aar Macher Rosha Spicy Fish Curry

We never got to see aar fish in the local Bangladeshi store before but recently found the whole fish which they were ready to cut into steaks.… Read the rest

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