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Moong Dal Ki Burfi : Lentil Fudge |Sweet|

Moong ki BurfiWhen it comes to sweets, I prefer the dry varieties with just the right amount of sweetness more than the juicier ones, though there are some exceptions. Moong ki burfi is one of my favorite sweets. This one has a great flavor, is soft and is mildly sweet. The flavor comes from the ghee in which the sweet is prepared and also the unique flavor of the yellow lentil, moong.

Moong ki Burfi

After moving here I have never tasted moong burfi and few days back I was craving for this particular sweet. I clearly remembered the taste so I wanted to give the recipe a try. We send gifts to our friends here at the time of Diwali and wanted to include this sweet as a part of the gift.… Read the rest

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