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Shahi Paneer : Paneeer in Rich Creamy Gravy |Cooking|

Shahi Paneer

In Indian cuisine paneer holds a very special place, especially for the vegetarians. There are so many recipes of paneer and each and every recipe is unique in its own way. This recipe is also unique in the way that it was prepared in the royal kitchens. The recipe uses some special ingredients like dry fruits, cream and saffron making it rich and exotic.

Shahi Paneer

Shahi Paneer is a popular Indian recipe. Cubes of paneer are simmered in a rich creamy gravy resulting in a flavorful dish. It tastes best when served with naan, pulao or vegetable fried rice. Paneer is a fresh cheese common in Indian cuisine. Homemade paneer is made by adding lemon juice or vinegar in warm milk to separate the curd from the whey.… Read the rest

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